Our workplace wellness program offers a custom-designed solution for your company. 

Services provided will include a combination of the following:

Step 1

Creating a Workplace Wellness Vision & Plan unique to your organization

We perform a thorough assessment of your companies greatest needs resulting from underperformance, absenteeism, and engagement.


With this information, we develop a custom-made plan and array of services, programs, and initiatives catering to your individual culture and employee segments as opposed to a cookie cutter plan doomed to fail. 

Step 2

Motivating Participation with Individualized Employee Initiation

To motivate participation, we will get to know your employees and create customized Wellness Plans based on their individual wants and needs.


We will benchmark their current fitness levels and overall wellness in order to accurately measure and track progress.

Step 3

Ignite Wellness With Transformational Programs & Services

Providing the right mix of programs and services aimed at improving your employees’ health and well-being will ultimately help you reach the organizational goals and objectives that led you to offer a wellness program. These are the programs, services, and other action oriented initiatives that lead to optimal individual and organizational performance. 


The transformational programs and services need to teach your employees how to create and implement healthy habits, to improve sleep, treat ailments, reduce stress, work on preventing the main lifestyle oriented conditions, create healthy relationships, and improve work-life balance.


These initiatives will guide and support your employees with continuity based programming that include multiple touch points, as they make changes to their diet and lifestyle habits.

Step 4

Stimulate Engagement With Wellness Events & Retreats

Wellness events and retreats are on or off-site special health & wellness promotion events that can be offered on an ad-hoc-basis or for a set period of time. There is usually a specific intention in mind.


These special events and retreats, are typically fun, can be more grand, and stimulate a lot of engagement within your organization. 

More about important Step 3...


Our Transformational Programs & Services

The daily specific continuity based activities that lead to 

Peak Wellness for Optimal Performance


This is a sample list of the wellness categories and specific programs and services that will be conducted on an on-going basis in your organization. Having continuity based programming such as group health coaching sessions, and regular held fitness classes in which your employees can participate is what will lead to individual Peak Wellness for Optimal Performance; the ultimate goal of your workplace wellness program.


Wellness Wisdom

The information relating to nutrition, treating ailments, prevention of certain health conditions, increasing well-being, and bettering work-life balance.


Examples include:

  • Lunch and learn presentations
  • 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Group programs

Mouvement & Mindfulness

Activities that get people moving and building a fitter, stronger and healthier heart, mind, and body.


Examples include:

  • Fitness classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Meditation sessions
  • 1:1 training
  • Sports conditioning workouts

Body Work &Therapies

Personalized services to improve the body, mind, and spirit to promote rest & relaxation, treat body aches, pains, and injuries, and reduce stress.


Examples include:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Therapeutic/chair massage
  • Athletic therapy
  • Osteopathy

Are your employees thriving? 

Discover the 5 Pillars of a Successful Workplace Wellness Program

We recently completed our October Wellness Month. During this month, we had the pleasure of receiving Christina from Peak Santé to present a lunch n' learn session on the 10 Keys to Healthy Living. 


Christina's session generated the biggest turnout of any session we offered. Throughout the whole presentation, she was well prepared, organized, and extremely knowledgeable. Christina had the answers to everyone's questions while encouraging the audience to be vigilant, and not necessarily believe everything people tell you. Once the session came to a rapid end (because time flies when you're having fun), we received nothing but positive feedback. Many employees came by my desk to ask if she would be making another appearance anytime soon. 


Thank you, Christina, for helping not only our employees adopt better habits but also assisting Browns with our employee engagement.

Vanessa Stillitano, Human Resources

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